About My Art

My paintings reflect the fluidity of colour across canvas.  I use acrylic paints and mediums and like painting on large canvases. The larger surface gives more room to expand the work.   Flowers are my subject of choice to paint. I love their intensity of color and my paintings show case their textures, shapes and movement.  Each flower variety tells me something of their character that interests me to depict in a painting. The orchid with its angel wings and saucy mouth, the hibiscus with its explosive burst of colour, the heleconias with their majestic tall stature – these are some of the flowering plants that are in my garden and that are my art subjects.  My paintings are not so much representational as they are more an abstraction of how I feel and interpret their presence in my world.

Since moving to Mexico I have noticed how the day's bright sun light intensifies and contrasts the natural glow of the flora and its this quality that I import into my paintings.

I have undertaken art courses from University of Victoria, Victoria College of Art and my own self directed studies.

My works have been shown in local galleries within my community of San Pancho, Nayarit and within my own home studio.  My pieces have been sold to individuals throughout North America.