About My Art


My art is influenced by my lush tropical surroundings. The rich colours of the  tropical flowers and plants are vivid under the bright Mexican sunlight. It’s this intensity of colours that intrigues me to paint their reflections onto canvas.

I use acrylic paints and various mediums to showcase their wildness and explore their beauty.

I paint on large canvases that allow me the expansiveness of scale to show their fluidity of movement and deep hues of colour.

Each flower variety tells me something of their character that interests me to paint. The orchid with its angel wings and saucy mouth, the hibiscus with its explosive burst of colour, the heliconias with their majestic tall stature – these are some of the flowering plants that are in my garden and that are my art subjects.

My paintings represent how I feel and interpret their presence in my world.

I have undertaken formal art courses from University of Victoria, Victoria College of Art and self directed studies.

My works have been shown in local galleries within my community of San Pancho, Nayarit and within my own home studio.  My pieces have been sold to individuals throughout North America.